Blues Manitoba Mission and Vision Statement

Blues Manitoba is organized for the advancement of “the blues” through funding, outreach education, and other non-profit activities.  The distribution of resources, financial and human, will be directed in particular to:

 The establishment of a sound volunteer human resource base and exceptional financial platform from which to create sustainability and mission success.


  1. Preserve, cultivate, nurture, and promote the varieties of Blues music within the City of Winnipeg and throughout the Province of Manitoba
  2. Support blues artists and traditional blues venues by hosting/sponsoring live performances for public benefit and enjoyment. 
  3. Increase awareness of and appreciation for the blues through collaborative educational efforts. 
  4. Provide a forum for exchange of news and events within a network of blues enthusiasts.
  5. Support blues music related events and organizations through innovative blues-related partnerships.
  6. To provide non-direct financial support to established and up and coming musicians and provide an opportunity to further their musical career aspirations.
  7. To provide a base for networking among all working blues musicians in the Province of Manitoba.
  8. To attract support for blues music from the various venues throughout the region.
  9. Expand the overall awareness of the blues, its history, its present, and its future in the general population.
  10. Expose our youth, and those who educate our youth, to the blues art form through Blues In Schools programs and similar educational opportunities in our community.
  11. Support blues artists in Canada and internationally by producing blues events, and to support other groups, organizations and blues societies who do likewise and to assist deserving blues musicians in Canada and internationally.
  12. Create an exciting social setting for blues lovers to meet and in doing so raise money for deserving local charities.





Blues Manitoba welcomes memberships and membership donations from any individual, firm, association, corporation, public organization, or estate interested in supporting the purposes and objectives of the not for profit organization of Blues Manitoba on a non-discriminatory basis.

Blues Manitoba will be non-biased when supporting musicians, groups, or acts, however, it will only engage in music listed as a Blues genre type:



  1. To establish Winnipeg and the surrounding region as a most desirable Blues destination, for artists and fans, throughout the world.
  2. To create excellent well attended Blues Festivals and Events
  3. To establish a support and networking system for blues entertainment, talent, and playability.



·         To do all that is possible within human and financial resource constraints to support a regrowth and showcasing of the Blues.