Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Need a Membership with River City Blues Society


10. You get an actual ID card to show all your friends!!!


9. Seriously….Blue Looks Good on you – its your color!


8. You’ll meet new people with the same fabulous musical taste!


7. If you’re ‘Thrifty’, Membership has its privileges – As you receive a Discount on upcoming events!!!


6. The Prestige of being a Blues member, you’ll tell a friend…and they’ll tell a friend…and so on…. And so on…


5. All the Cool Kids joined up


4. Free Hugs


3. If you love getting mail (other than bills) – You’ll receive newsletters with updates & never miss the latest in local Blues news.


2. Our flexible, non-discriminate policy allows you to purchase a membership for your dog, cat or gerbil.(Blues don’t judge….Blues understands)


And the Number 1 Reason why YOU need a membership with River City Blues Society

1. We have a new logo and new t-shirts that’s clinically proven to attract the opposite sex and make you look Bluesy!


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