: Chair


Mark Galbon: Vice Chair

At age 10, Mark started taking private guitar lessons. By 15 he was teaching. While playing in a variety of bands, Mark studied business administration at Red River Community College. Following his education he purchased Kolt Music (now Mar-Schell’s Music Inc.). While running the business by day, Mark studied music during the evening at Mennonite Brethren College. He has since been certified through the London College of Music (Registry of Guitar Tutors). Mark is still teaching, running the business and playing in 3 bands. (4 if my wife will let me ).

J.N. Flamand (Jas) :  Secretary

Known as 'Jas' to friends and family, she enjoys all types of music styles however, Blues runs deep in her veins. Wanting to help further the love of the Blues and to create an atmosphere where new and upcoming talent in Winnipeg - our 'River City', is given the spotlight. Writing is her passion as Jas has had several short stories, Sports articles, columns and blogs published. Currently she is working on a screenplay and releasing her passion for Blues by developing lyrics for future songs. She is dedicated to the RCBS board with an unparalleled commitment by using her abilities and knowledge to maintain the RBCS Facebook page, mailers and upcoming newsletters.

Joey Crampton :  Treasurer

Although experienced and successful, Joey could never be labelled a stereotypical accountant.   A lifelong music fan, Joey plays guitar and is in a local band. Joey enjoys live music, camping with his family and coaching his boys in their sporting activities.

Rick Gensiorek

Rick believes music is the flame that ignites the soul. He has forever held an admiration for artists that make music the cornerstone of their lives. Now, Rich has embarked on his own journey to pursue his life-long passion to bring music to life with his guitar. He relates his commitment to legendary guitarist Steve Vai who was quoted as saying "Besides being a guitar player, 'm a big fan of the guitar. I love that damn instrument!" He is also excited to be part of The River City Blues Society and hopes that his contribution can help to advance the music industry throughout Winnipeg. By day, Rick leads a normal - but diverse - life. As a quasi retired public servant, his talents center on leadership, facilitation, change-management and mentorship.

Linda Loewen

I am pleased to be a member of The River City Blues Society.  Music is the language of all people and all generations.  In my early years, my grandmother was most often heard singing hymns while my older brother, a rock trivia guru, controlled his basement stereo system.  And so began my appreciation for a variety of music genres.  Today, I enjoy singing, playing guitar (though not so often) and hand percussion; my husband plays the blues harp and my daughter, who began playing classical music on the violin, enjoys playing guitar and singing.  


Looking forward to working with River City Blues Society Board to promote and encourage Blues artists as they pursue their passion to “sing the Blues”.

Jerry Castellano